FHIT Clinics – Explosive Skating Procedures

FHIT Clinics – Explosive Skating Procedures

FHIT Explosive Skating Procedures


Prior to session

  1. Check GEMS to find out how many players will be attending 
    1. Use your GEMS login username and password that you made when you started working
    2. Find the FHIT/MAP/MEGA dropdown at the top of the page 
    3. Find the “Schedule” tab in the dropdown
    4. Click Schedule
    5. Find the corresponding link on the schedule for the correct class, day, time, and location
  2. Find out the age and level of players attending
    1. Once you click onto the event page, you should see a roster of players attending
    2. Click player name on the roster
    3. On the left side of the screen, click the “My Account” link 
    4. Scroll down until you see the “player information” tab 
    5. You should be able to see basic info (age, level, team, organization) to better plan the practice
  3. Make sure to have the equipment rack at the rink for passers, pucks, sticks if necessary


During session – these are only guidelines. Each group is different and you may need to think on the fly based on number and level of players. 

  1. First 15-20 min – something slower or technique based
  1. Edges
  2. Stride work
  3. Balance/leg strength
  4. Knee bend/leg strength drills
  1. Second 20 min – higher intensity
  1. Quick footwork
  2. Overspeed patterns
  3. Transitions and turns
  4. Stops and Starts
  1. Last 20 min – add pucks and a shot to keep it fun
  1. Long skate to condition with a shot at the end
  2. Something quick with a lot of changes in direction
  3. If players are equal levels, maybe races


*Remember, many of these players are not currently members but could become members in the future. This is the best way to introduce them to our programs and our way of coaching. Be energetic, don’t just stand in the corner. Connect with kids, joke around with players, and use a lot of tires, cones, or pads in creative ways. Also, chat with parents before and after sessions if they are around. If they can see that what we do is different than they get at their regular practices, they will keep coming back, and possibly sign up for one of our full membership programs.