How to Enter Skills Plan into FHIT App

How to Enter Skills Plan into FHIT App


  1. Login to FHIT app using your computer (This doesn’t work with mobile devices)
  2. Click on “Plans” on the Menu Bar
  3. In the right corner of the screen Click “+ Create New Plan”
  4. Under “Plan Name” Label your workout plan
  5. Click and Choose the number of days you want for your workout
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click “Create Plan”
  7. Once you create your plan make sure to click “ENABLE BLOCK PROGRAMMING?”
  8. Continue building your program by adding Blocks and Exercises for each Block. You can choose to label your Blocks whatever you want be clicking “edit”
  9. To add exercise simply type in the exercise you’re looking for and add your sets, reps, etc. 
  10.   Once you have finished your Skills Plan make sure to click “Publish” in the top right corner of the screen. 


How to enter new exercise into FHIT App:


  1. Click “Create New Exercise” 
  2. Type in Exercise Name
  3. Copy & Paste Youtube/Vimeo URL 
  4. Choose your Exercise Measurement
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click “Save”


How to Clone exercise plan:


  1. Click on “Plans” on the Menu Bar
  2. Find the Plan you want to clone
  3. Under “Actions” on the right side of the screen toggle over and click the two boxes that will say “Clone Plan”
  4. Your Cloned Plan will show up as the name of the workout plan you cloned with Copy at the end.
  5. Under “Actions” toggle over “Edit Plan” and edit the cloned workout plan. This is useful if you’re creating similar skills plans so you don’t have to input all of the workouts again.