How to get prepared for Girls Boston Trip

How to get prepared for Girls Boston Trip

Beantown Classic – Thomps 3/23 final



Register for Beantown Classic, usually the U19 Blue Division, but depends on your talent level, as soon as you can. (



  1. Work with Rachel to get registration paid for, price is on the website.  Rachel will have a card to make payment with.



  1. Get an email out to all of the girls in the College tier about the tournament and who would like to participate.  If you are short players inquire with the West program to see if they have players who would like to participate.  Try to only get top Varsity level players if you can.  If you still need players, try to get good players from outside the program, then move to our HS tier.  If all else fails contact the parents of the players who are going to see if they know anyone who might be interested.
    1. Follow the “How to find emails on Gems” page to find the emails for the girls
  2. Talk to goalie staff about getting a goalie or two for the weekend.  
  3. Book hotel rooms(Courtyard Marriot Boston Marlborough), flights, car rental.
  4. Hotel – The Courtyard Marriot Boston Marlborough is the best option and in the best spot for food, entertainment, and centrally located to the ice rinks.  You will also be able to get a block of rooms reserved for the team, but be sure to book in March or April. 
  5. Send out to the parents your flight details, the hotel reservation information and any other details they ask about.  Make sure they fly in on Thursday and leave as late as they can on Sunday.


  1. Get two sets of jersey’s, don’t worry about socks, and have the players bring them as well as 2-3 pucks in their bag for the trip out.  Bring an extra bag for pucks when in Boston and then have the girls bring the pucks home in their bags.  
  2. Get all of the parents phone numbers and start a mass text with all of the parents who will be attending with the kids.  This helps to set up a dinner, which we will cover one night and is best to go to the Apex event center.  
  3. Once you have the schedule, which isn’t released until the week of or the week before the tournament, you can decide which night to take the team out to eat.


At Tournament

  1. Pick up car, drive to hotel in Marlborough, check in.
  2. On group text make sure everyone arrives without problems.
  3. On the night you get in, call the Apex and let them know you are going to be coming. They don’t take reservations but they will be able to set up all the tables and will be ready for you.  Make sure to be 15 minutes early to find the manager to ensure they are ready. Play some laser tag.
  4. Pick up apparel from the tournament for the 3 stars of the weekend.  Hoodie, long sleeve tee, and short sleeve tee. 
  5. Win the championship and bring the trophy home.