How to retain members

How to retain members

Retaining Members:


    • Relationship based business
      • Build kids trust
        • Feedback (Verbal + Written)
        • Caring about them and their day
        • Going to watch them, during their seasons
        • Having fun with them and making training fun
      • Parents
        • Going to games
          • Talking to them about their kids and how they are doing
          • Asking about them and their life/business
          • Ask them about feedback from the past year
          • What can we do to help them
    • Proving it during our Training Season
      • Feedback (can be to the player or parent)
      • Seeing and helping them improve their game
      • Teaching them lessons about life
      • Getting them prepared for the next level
    • Invites to G Series and other Game Opportunities


  • August Renewal


    • Sending out personal emails about Members and how they have improved
    • Reminding them now is the cheapest time to join the program
    • Phone Calls if needed
      • Ask if they’ve seen our emails
      • Feedback on what they liked or disliked about the program





About this time we like to send out feedback about our members. Sam has done really well this training season. He’s used the program exactly how you are supposed to use it; working out a lot and skating a good amount. The reason he moved up, was because he did everything we asked of him. Always listening and playing the game the right way. His hockey IQ is off the charts. He sees plays all over the ice. I personally think if he keeps up the fine tuning of skills and just as important working out he has the potential to do some great things in hockey starting in HS and beyond. Thanks again for allowing Sam to work with us and can’t wait to see him play this year.


Lastly, I wanted to let you know that our early registration is now open for the 2020 MAP season.  If you register in the month of August the price is $2995 for returning members.  Also, if you register now you are able to set up a 12 monthly payment plan with the amount being $249.58; otherwise you can pay in full and save an additional $100. 


However, if you would like to register but don’t want to pay it all now or want to start your payments at a later date we do offer a registration which will only take an initial deposit of $450.  This will lock you in at the lower rate and allow you to start payment at a later date (Dec/Jan/Feb). Simply let me know this is what you want to do and I will email you the registration link.


I highly encourage you to register as early as possible so you can reserve a spot and your savings can reach over $500 by January.  We would love the chance to work with Sam again next off-season.


2020 MAP Renewal Link 







  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday


    • Another way to retain or reach out to a Member or New Member
    • Sending out Emails reminding them about the deal
    • Physically seeing them at the game and reminding them


Mom and Dad or Family Name,


Hope all is well with you and the season is off to a great start for (name). We have already been out to quite a few games and have been impressed with our members’ progress. So be on the lookout as we will be out and about watching games during the season. 


I know that there are a lot of emails that come through during this time so we wanted to make sure to look out for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal. Year 2 at Plymouth is shaping up to be a good one as we already have more talent committed and more applications rolling through.


For our Bantam and High School groups our current price is $3395. If you use this link any time this weekend (starting Friday) you will save $300 off the program and another $100 if you pay in full. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.


MAP Bantam/High School Purchase Link







  • Retaining Members when they haven’t signed up after December-March


    • Go to game
      • Meet parents
      • Talk with players after the game
      • Get a feel for what they are thinking about next year
        • Either while talking to them
        • Or through email (Before you go to the game or follow up after seeing them at a game.
      • Depending on Tier you can also mention we are filling up quickly and spots maybe gone
      • Or can use that other players from his team are also signing back up





It was nice meeting you last night. And it was fun to watch all the OMGHA boys play. I thought Joey played very well last night. His line of Westphal and Moses worked really well together. Hard on pucks, using good angles and working together to create turnover. Joey did a great job of being good support for his linemates in the middle and distributing the puck. Another thing I loved was his crashing the net. For me it’s fun to train the players but to see them do the little things in games is even better. I hope we will have the opportunity to work with Joey again this next off-season. I look forward to watching another game later this season.