How to run/set a Presidents Squirt Skate

How to run/set a Presidents Squirt Skate

How to run/set Presidents Day Squirt Skate

  1. Pick Presidents Day (Feb. 17th)
    1. Contact Rachel/Justin for ice time (usually an hour)
      1. Confirm ice time 
  2. Contact Squirt players that have NOT signed up for the program (20-25 players)
    1. Go through Basecamp and find contact information
    2. Email players 
      1. Who you have watched that you liked
      2.  Contact through team sites
      3. Reach out members that are currently signed up


  1. Give parents in overview of what our program offers and include time players will be there for schedule time (ie. 9am-11:30am)
    1. Mention how our program works and that you have seen player play (scouting, sessions/3hrs,4-5times/wk)
    2. Mention in email that the skate will/won’t cost them for the Pres.Day skate
  2. Talk to staff about getting an online application for skate so that players/parents can sign up for skate. 
    1. This will make it easier to track who has signed up 
    2. And if gives managers an easy way to pass along emails we have sent
  3. Day of skate
    1. Make sure everything is ready for when they show up
      1. Music on the rink
      2. Training tools set 
      3. Lesson plan confirmed
      4. Enough pucks
      5. Jerseys
    2. Depending on numbers make sure you have split players into even teams.
      1. Try to have players from the same association. On the same team if you can.
    3. Make players sign in as they arrive before the skate that day
      1. Make sure players have jerseys and we get them back
        1. Can use MAP/FHIT jerseys that we have from past 
    4. Come up with drills for both on/off ice sessions
      1. 20mins skate/skills/games
      2. Or a hybrid game day 30 minutes of training and 30 minutes of games
    5. Off ice 
      1. If numbers allow split kids into 2 groups. 
        1. Half do skills for 15-20mins
        2. Half do workout for 15-20mins
        3. All the drills you do should be creative and fun that challenge the players. Remember you are trying to SELL potential players/parents to sign up for our program. 
  4. Meeting with Parents while kids are training off-ice
    1. Talk about the set up of the program
    2. Who they will be working with
    3. Tell them today was a snapshot of what a normal day would be like
    4. Open it up for questions
  5. Send an follow up email to parents about signing up for the program
  6. The goal of the Presidents skate was to get people introduced to the program for this year and down the line. As well generate sign ups. 



Andrew and Anders,


For the past 15 years FHIT Hockey has helped young people to learn, develop, and advance to the next level in hockey and life. Last year was our first year at our Plymouth Ice Center located between Rink B and C. The expertise and experience of our staff has created an exceptional environment for our members and we are excited to bring our unique programming to the Plymouth area. We are happy to invite you to experience a snapshot in a day in the life of a member (workout, skills classes off-ice shooting and stickhandling, and on-ice) offering expert coaching, in a competitive and fun environment all under one roof! 


This Presidents Day (February 17th, 2020) we are offering a FREE training/game day to any squirt that is looking to enhance their game and continue to develop as a person. We will only be accepting the first 24 skaters and  4 goalies that sign up.


 Click Here to sign up and lock in your spot. 


Day will start at 10am where we will have ice on Rink C where FHIT coaches will be running kids through a Hybrid On-ice session. As always a MEGA Goaltending coach will be on-ice to work with the goaltenders.  Afterwards, players will be able to experience an 30-45 minute off-ice skills session with our certified FHIT coaches. While parents are invited to stay check out the facility and ask any questions they may have about the program. 


Please click the link to learn more about how the program works:

Program Overview


If you have any questions please let me know!







Players and Parents,


Thank you for RSVPing to our 1st ever FHIT Presidents Day Squirt skate. We look forward to seeing everyone and having a blast on a day off from school. 


Schedule for Monday-

(Things to bring full equipment, and gym clothes, and tennis shoes)

9:30-10am Check-in @FHIT weight room (Btw rink B & C), Warm-up, and get ready

10-11am on Rink C; Hybrid FHIT Session (15 skating, 15 skills, and 30 minutes of games; round robin tourney)

11:15am-12pm Skills Session/Contests and Parents Q & A


If something has come up and you can’t attend please let us know ASAP. As we plan on making some teams for the cross-ice tourney beforehand. 







Players & Parents,


 Thank you to all that attended our first ever Presidents Day Squirt Skate! When you try to do something for the 1sttime you never exactly know what to expect. That being said, Monday definitely exceeded our expectations; from the attendance, to the skill level of the players, and how coachable the players were during the session. For those that were able to stay for the meeting, you were able to learn more about our program. For those that didn’t; what we did on Monday was more of a snapshot of what we actually do on a Day in the life of our members. Typically the first 20 minutes we would break down a skating aspect (Forward stride, backward C cuts, cross overs, pivots, etc.). Second 20 minutes would be skill based (shooting, deception, puck support, passing, odd man situations, etc.) Last 20 minutes would be games (small area games to full ice). Off-ice skills our instructors work on 30 minutes of stickhandling and 30 minutes of shooting techniques. Finally, the off-ice workout will be basic fundamental movements and overall building of athleticism. 


The Squirt group will start their program on June 8th. And will run 4 days a week Monday-Thursday in the summer. And 2 days in the fall; all after school. Currently, we have limited spots left in that FHIT squirt group. We wanted to give the attendees the first opportunity to register for the Program. We have a solid mix of A level players from various surrounding associations that are already set to train in the summer of 2020. 


If you have any more questions or would like to register for the program, please let us know.


Thank you,



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