How to run/set up High School Preview

How to run/set up High School Preview

HS Preview – Gman

  • Decide how many games you want to do. Last few years we have done U16 and U18. 
  • Usually the last day of training (Confirm with Admin. Rachel or Mariah)
  • Create an invite and set up a google doc sheet for U16 and U18 players (divide into F and D). On google sheet have players name, positon, IN and Out and Date asked
  • Getting contacts from Gems 
    • Pull up Members page
    • Go to active Product (example select Tier 1 Plymouth)
    • After list generates Click Profile Fields (Select Player name, Birth Year, Player Email, Parent 1 and 2 email)
    • Then click export to excel (that way you can pull all the email addresses to copy and paste to send emails easily to every player and parent)


  • Invite sent out as a BCC to list of parents; Send main email to Rachel or Mariah Don’t CC emails to everyone reason being then you are giving out contacts to other parents and they might not want it given out


  • As people confirm they are in and out please update google sheet. If they are sluggish on getting back to you. It’s sometimes easier to text the kid (Older ones especially)  to get your answer. *However send email first as at least the parents know there was a game opportunity.


  • If we need more players b/c Members aren’t available, then we can reach out to players and parents from outside the program that we would like in our program. It can be a good way to build a relationship with them and they get to see what we have to offer.
  • Refs (Dan)
  • Need staff or PT to run the clock
  • Off-ice games are optional. Sometimes nice to have Challenges
  • Get Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd stars for each game and if you have off-ice challenges


Parents and Players,

With the 2018 MAP Season coming to an end, our annual send off, the High School Preview, has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 7th. This event will provide our members with fun and competitive games before they embark on their high school season. This year we will be having a U16 and U18 game. 


The Preview will be from 6:15-9:35pm on Rink 5. U16 game will start at 6:15pm and U18 at 8:00pm We will need to fill 2 teams of each age group; therefore we will try to keep kids in their prospective age groups, but may need to move players to the U18 if needed. This email is to get your son’s availability for this date. Once we get everyone’s availability we will send out Rosters for each game at least a week before the game.


Please send your son’s availability by, Monday, October 1st. Also, feel free to let me know if you have any questions. 





  1. Get Rosters Template from google Doc to Print Rosters for Parents/optional schedule on the back.
  2. Print out Locker room signs so kids know where to be
  3. Water Bottles ready for Coaches *Need 5-6 per bucket
  4. Pucks ready for warm-ups
  5. Confirm schedule with Rink attendant that day to make sure he has the right schedule
  6. Ipad in the Scorers Box to play music for warm-ups and stoppages
  7. Microphone for announcing 
  8. Off-ice Games set up if we have any