How to run tryouts

How to run tryouts

How to run tryouts


2 months Before

  1. Send out invites 
  2. Post flyers at facilities
  3. Post on social media


Week before tryouts

  1. Begin to prepare jerseys
  2. Finalize staffing needs
    1. Admin, Player, and Goalie staff


Day before tryouts

  1. Get jerseys laid out and ready
  2. Make a practice plan for the ice
    1. Keep the practice plan basic
    2. Have forward, backward, transition skating drills
    3. Have skill drills where they handle the puck and shoot
    4. Keep the pace as high as possible


Day of tryouts

  1. Make sure check-in is set up
  2. Have pucks and jerseys ready to go
  3. Go over practice plan with on-ice instructors
    1. Make any changes needed
  4. Evaluate
  5. Answer any questions from parents
  6. Talk to players at the end
    1. Thank everyone for coming 


After tryouts

  1. Send an email 
    1. Thanking them for coming
    2. Letting them know whether they made it or didn’t make it