How to use Basecamp for recruiting and scheduling games

How to use Basecamp for recruiting and scheduling games

How to use Basecamp for scheduling games

  1. Go to the app store on your phone and download the Basecamp App
  2. Create a log in/ log in using your company email 
  3. Under Projects (main screen) you will see:
    1. Game Schedules
    2. Player watch lists
    3. MAP/FHIT player applications
  4. Pick games to watch for the week based on current members, applicants and players who are interested in the program. Schedule your games in Basecamp
  5. To add your schedule, click the project labeled FHIT/MAP Game Schedules
  6. Click schedule
  7. A calendar will open, click the day you want to add a game to and then click the green “+ New Event” button above the calendar
  8. Name the event according to the game you are seeing (ex: Mahtomedi vs Stillwater Peewee AA at St. Croix Rec)
  9. Select the time your game starts, then click the blue “Post” button in the corner 
  10. Repeat steps 5-9 for all games you will see during the week
  11. Locate your schedule under the “me” tab in the bottom right corner, then click “my schedule”


Using Basecamp at games for recruiting an applicant


  1. Open the Basecamp app while at the game
  2.  If you are watching a player who applied, click the MAP or FHIT Applications project and find the player under the “to-do’s” tab
  3. Select your campus applications 
  4. Select the players name to see hockey information, parent names and contact and what program they applied for
  5. Evaluate the player during the game and record your notes under the players name by adding a comment (under the application information)
  6. Admin will see your note or and can move forward with the application process -OR- you will have a weekly scouting meeting and have your notes to look back at under the players name


Using Bsecamp at games for Non-Applicants 

  1. Open Basecamp at the game
  2. Open the watch list project (ex: peewee/bantam watchlist)
  3. Click “to-dos” to see all teams our staff is watching, find team page (or add a team by clicking “+New List” at the top of the page)
  4.  Add players you think would be good for the program by clicking the green “Add a to-do” button. Add the players number and name
  5. Click the players name to record your notes and evaluation by adding a comment in that players todo. If you speak with the parents/player at the game add the contact information by adding a comment
  6. Follow up with player/parents, find information to send (campus specific details, prices, general info and video) from home screen by:
    1.  Clicking the FHIT or MAP Applicants project
    2.  Open “Doc’s & Files” button, then “Program info for East”
    3.  Scroll and find age specific info, copy and paste info and video into email
  7. Add current or past players to their teams list to evaluate during the year, add notes to players todo