MEGA Goalie Center: Open, Training, Close

MEGA Goalie Center: Open, Training, Close

MEGA Goalie Center:



  1. Arrive to facility 45 minutes before to open the doors
  2. Open main doors for goalies
    1. Leave open by using garbage can outside door to hold open
      1. This way goalies know we are open
  3. Turn on fans for the creases
    1. May have to plug fans in behind the mats
    2. 1st crease has a string to help turn off fan (pull 3 times)
  4. Turn on iPad for training use
  5. Turn on projectors to use during the session for visual aid/marketing
  6. Make sure apparel and display table looks presentable
    1. Make sure a price template for apparel is out
  7. Make sure you have pucks, stick, gloves, and MEGA attire


Training Session-

  1. Introduce yourself to the goalies/parents you are working with
  2. Talk to them about their season to see what has/hasn’t been going well
  3. Add in things to the practice plan that they want to work on if applicable
  4. Take a video of the goalie’s stance from front and side view
    1. Have them tell you what they see in it then you tell them what you see
  5. Start off with some simple stick saves to get warmed up and seeing the puck
  6. Proceed to the practice plan that you have and incorporate any drills that the goalie may want to do
  7. After each drill that you do go over the video of the goalie and breakdown what they are doing well/bad and any changes that they could do
    1. Have them break down the drill before you do to see if they think they are doing anything good or bad
  8. End with some sort of game such as handeye, 10 puck, etc.
  9. At the end of the session, go over what you worked on and what they can continue to work on at their practices



  1. Shut doors to entrance and make sure they are locked
  2. Pick up all pucks and put back in buckets
    1. Go behind shooting mats to find loose pucks
  3. Turn off projectors
  4. Plug iPads in to charge overnight
  5. Put away any props you may have used into designated area
  6. Turn off fans
    1. Turn off the same way on how you opened the area
  7. Grab vacuum located by the door near supply area
  8. Vacuum both crease areas + changing area mats
    1. If needed, mop the area with soap and water (Once a week)
  9. Spray creases with silicon substance (Once a week)
  10. Pick up any loose garbage around the changing area
  11. Reorganize apparel and display table if messy
  12. If last one using HBTC, make sure to turn off all the lights for the facility
    1. Make sure main door to facility is locked before leaving


Supply Area-

  1. Keep this area organized
  2. Extra Sticks, MEGA Apparel and Gloves for use if someone forgot theirs
  3. Vacuum