MEGA Social Media

MEGA Social Media

MEGA Social Media:


Posting to Instagram:

  1. Log in to the MEGA Instagram account
  2. Click the (+) button on the bottom of the page to add content
    1. Instagram allows you to add up to 10 videos/pictures at a time
  3. Add the video(s) or picture(s) by clicking on the content you want to use
    1. If you want to add multiple videos/pictures, there is a button on the right corner of the image that looks like 2 squares. That button will allow you to add multiple videos/pictures
    2. On the left corner of the image are 2 arrows pointing in different directions. These arrows will allow you to fit the image/video into the frame better so you can see the full capacity of the image/video
      1. Make sure to fit the first image/video before adding multiple videos. Reason why is if you don’t then all the videos will be just fit to the screen and not get all the image/video you want out to the audience.
  4. The next page will allow you to trim clips, add filters, add sound, and make a cover for the post.
    1. The cover for the post is extremely important because this is what the viewer sees when scrolling through their page. Make sure you add a cover that will likely draw the viewer’s attention to the post.
    2. At the top of the page is a sound button. This will allow you to add sound or not to the post. Unless the sound is needed for the post, don’t have it on.


Posting to FB:

  1. Gain Access through Kenter
  2. Log in to the MEGA FB account
  3. On the MEGA FB page press the publish button
  4. After pressing publish there are a number of options listed below (photo/video, check-in,etc.)
  5. FB only allows 1 video to post at a time. You cannot post multiple videos or even add another photo onto the video you are trying to post. You can add multiple photos.
  6. Once you pick the content you’d like to post, add a detailed description of what you’re posting.
  7. When finished, click the share button on the top right corner.


Adding video to the Google Drive

  1. There are two folders shared with everyone (MEGA Association & MEGA Social Media)
  2. Depending on the type of video you are adding to the folder, association video or MAP/FHIT session, make sure it goes in the right place.
  3. Each folder has location folder attached to it
  4. On the bottom right corner is a (+) sign
  5. A tab will appear and give you six different options. Press upload then press photos and videos
  6. Select the video(s) you want to use. You can select more than one video to upload.
    1. Longer videos may take longer to upload. If you can, cut a few good clips out of longer video to reduce upload time
  7. Once you select the videos upload them to the selected folder


Adding Videos Longer Than 1 Min to Instagram

  1. Log in to Instagram
  2. On the bottom there are 5 tabs for you to press
  3. Press the “Search” button
  4. From there, there are tabs under the search bar
    1. Press the “IGTV” button
  5. IGTV allows you to post videos longer than 1 minute
  6. In the top right corner of IGTV there is a (+) button
  7. Click that and select the video you want to post
  8. The next page will allow you to create a cover for the post to attract our audience’s eyes.
    1. Find an image or point in video clip that you think will catch viewers attention
  9. The next page will bring you to writing the “Title” and “Description”
    1. Create a specific title for the post
    2. Make a detailed description of what you are posting
    3. Add appropriate “HASHTAGS”
  10. On the bottom of the description page make sure to CLICK ON the “Make Visible on Facebook”. This will allow the post to be uploaded to FB as well
  11. After you have completed all that, POST the video


Goalie of the month:

  1. Send Email out to all goalie directors
    1. In email ask for each locations nominee and a picture of the goalie
    2. (North, Northwest, West, East, South, Girls)
    3. If you don’t receive a picture there are a few ways to look for one.
      1. Instagram Goalies Profile (Screenshot Action Photo from phone)
      2. Facebook Goalie/Parent Profile (Screenshot Action Photo from phone)
      3. GEM’s: Email the parents for a picture
      4. GEM’s: Text/Call parents for a picture
  2. Once you get the nominees and pictures go to instagram. (Instagram will automatically post to facebook)
  3. Press the (+) sign located at bottom of the page
  4. From there click the images you want to post.
  5. The next page will allow you to create a cover for the post to attract our audience’s eyes.
    1. Find an image or point in video clip that you think will catch viewers attention
  6. In the next page, write a detailed description of why you are posting it. Make sure to use relevant hashtags at the end of the description.
  7. Once complete press POST


Sending Video/Picture to Anders

  1. Text the videos/pictures to Anders
  2. Email video/picture
    1. Longer videos may not work. Cut the video before sending in email
    2. Add attachment
  3. Add video/picture to google drive folder
    1. If you don’t have access, let Anders know.


Other Tricks

  1. Screen recording videos on phone to post
    1. If you have an iPhone, swipe down on the right corner of the phone.
    2. At the bottom of the display is a button with two circles. This button allows you to screen record
    3. Press the button, wait 3 seconds, then swipe up
    4. Once you swipe up the phone will start recording the content you are watching for a post.
    5. Once complete, press the red button on the top left corner of the screen. This will stop the screen recording.
    6. Once complete, go to photos on your phone and edit the screen recording.
      1. Resize the video to get all the information on your phone you don’t want in the video
      2. Cut the clip to get the correct duration of time you want to use plus to cut out the screen recording display that you’ll see at the start of the clip.
  2. Screenshot Photos
    1. If using an iPhone press the volume up button (Left side) and home button (right side) at the same time.
    2. The phone will take a picture. Resize to get the exact image and get all the other stuff not needed for the photo out of it.
  3. Apps you can use
    1. Video Music
    2. Canva (Photo Editor)
    3. iMovie
    4. PicsArt (Photo Editor)
    5. Filmmaker Pro
    6. Magic Eraser



Facebook (Username….., Pasword…)

Instagram (Username….., Pasword…)

Twitter (Username….., Pasword…)

Youtube UsernamePassword Log in to your personal google account then go to youtube. you need access to the MEGA page if you need it email

Drop Box


Instagram TV Weekly Skills Class.

Instructor needs to record the skills class and can i-movie edit it to be just 1 longer video going through the exercises reps and how to do the exercise for the entire workout.


Once you have this i-movie we will post it to the MEGA IGTV. at the end of the video we will have how to get the app ect…


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