1) Go to https://fhithockey.gemsbrain.com/

2) Click on “LOGIN” in top right corner of page

3) Enter User Name and Password

4) Click black “LOGIN” button under Username and Password

5) Once page loads, select “FHIT MAP MEGA” tab at top of screen

6) Find “Schedule” in list of options and select

7) On calendar screen find the current date and select the program you will be coaching (North MAP Boys / Ice, North / Skills, North FHIT Boys / Ice, Skills (High School – Skills), West / Workouts etc..)

8) Select individual session you will be coaching (College – Ice, Tier 1 – Ice, Junior – Goalie Ice etc..)

9) Scroll down and select the black “Attendance” button

10) A list of players that are signed up for the session will be displayed along with a black “Feedback” button at the far right of each name

11) Select the black “Feedback” button

12) A text box will open with an option to select the instructor at the top.

13) Select your name from the “Select Instructor” drop down list

14) Write feedback in text box, making sure to be encouraging and detailed about the topic. This can be written to the player or to the parent.

15) When finished select the blue “Save” button at the bottom right of the page