The Orientations

The Orientations

The Orientations


  1. Sending out Orientation information to members 
  1. Administrative staff will send out emails that have the orientation date and time in order for all necessary members to know when to arrive for orientation.
  1. This email should have specific instructions about what is needed for the event. 
  1. There will also be a schedule sent to each staff member with the dates and 

time for each location.

  1. EVERY staff member must attend all three location orientations (North, West, East) 
  2. There will be a MAP and FHIT orientation for T1 & above at an earlier date then the younger tiers. 
  1. Answer any questions that come in from members about orientation 


  1. Always be available for our members!


  1. Preparing each Facility 
  1. Set a date/time leading up to the event that all staff members from that facility can come help set up. 
  1. During weekly meetings it is a topic for everybody to collaborate on a time that works best. 
  2. It’s important that all aspects of MAP/FHIT/MEGA are all there to help prepare for the orientation. 
  1. Clean the facility and make sure everything is in order. 
  1. Make sure every aspect of the facility is cleaned and looks nice for presentation to our members. 
  1. Split up duties within the staff and make sure you are helping out where you can. 
  2. Skills area, training area, staff area, etc. 
  3. Everything that is not needed should be put away neatly. 
  1. Re-apply paint where it is needed. 
  2. Make sure the walls have necessary changes made in order for it to look

uniformed. (Player of the week wall, Alumni wall, etc.)

  1. Set up the presentation area.
  1. Put as many chairs as possible facing the direction that the staff will be presenting. 
  1. Have apparel presented nicely in an area that is easily seen when you walk in.
  1. Make sure to have it presented in a way that appeals to our members. 
  2. If there are new designs or apparel put that stuff out front. 
  3. Have it organized by size, FHIT/MAP/MEGA.
  4. Have people handing out apparel that know the prices and how to charge for different items. 


III. The Day of the Orientation 

  1. The dress code. 
  1. Everyone should be dressed up nicely and look professional. 
  2. Dress pants w/belt, company colored shirt, company quarter zip, appropriate shoes.
  3. No hats, make sure your hair is presentable. 
  1. Arrive an hour before it starts so everyone can devise a plan. 
  1. Staff members will be responsible for handing out jerseys, taking headshots, handing out t-shirts, selling apparel, as well as socializing with members and parents. 
  1. It is important to get there early and figure out who is doing what. 
  2. This helps things run smoothly. 
  1.   Greet members as they arrive and encourage them to look through 

  apparel and then take their seat. 

  1. Introductions and company presentation. 
  1. The campus director/ Justin Johnson(JJ) will lead the presentation. 
  1. North MAP- Dan Donnette, North FHIT- Brett Way, West- G Man, East- ? 
  1. Every staff member throughout the company will give a short introduction of themselves stating their background. 
  2. The campus director/JJ will go over things such as partnerships, opportunities, services provided, why we are passionate and successful, explain how to utilize GEMS, etc. 
  1. Break off and finish 
  1. Staff members will be responsible for handing out jerseys, taking headshots, handing out t-shirts, selling apparel, as well as socializing with members and parents. 



  • IV. CCM Demo Skate


      1. Schedule time for Demo
      2. Be sure to connect with Alex to be sure he will be there at the correct time
      3. Have staff help him get gear to specified rink
      4. Be sure to include this in our Orientation email